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Texas Yorkie Breeders Offering Traditional Yorkies And Parti Yorkies, Blondes, Chocolates.

Being small Yorkie breeders, Teena and Larry Currie strive to provide healthy Yorkie Puppies for sale, that you can take home and continue to love and spoil them as we do. Our Yorkie breeding program is designed to give our Yorkies a healthy and comfortable living situation and are part of our family. We spend time spoiling our Yorkies like children.

Specializing in Traditional Yorkies and also Parti Yorkies for Color.

Our puppies receive continuous care and routine vet care. Moreover, they are kept in a clean, loving environment. In purchasing a puppy from Texas Star Yorkies, you may feel assured that you will receive a healthy puppy. We also guarantee our puppies against genetic anomalies not present at birth and will replace the puppy or provide a refund if these defects are discovered by your veterinarian.


Choose from a variety of Yorkie Colors. We raise Blondes, Chocolates, Merles and Parti Yorkies.

Parti Yorkies

Blonde Yorkies

Our Yorkie puppies are just as important to us after the sale, and we are always available for any questions you may have.

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